Frequently Asked Questions

What format should I send my artwork in?

  • High resolution (“High Quality Print”) PDF files are accepted.
  • PDF presets can be downloaded and used in Adobe Applications (Indesign, Illustrator, photoshop). Bleeds, color space, and image compression will automatically be adjusted by using these presets.
  • For jobs that fold, you MUST know the panel sizes and gutter widths. Provide full size folding dummy.

What color setting should I use for my project?

Project colors should be CMYK (4 color process) or PANTONE “spot” colors (201 crimson and 7540 gray only). This includes all supporting imagery. If your file is designed in RGB web or screen color mode, it will be converted to CMYK color before printing and colors may shift and look different from what you preview on your screen. If you intend to use PMS colors, please consult a project coordinator early in your design process to help identify any problems.

What is bleed and why do I need it?

The bleed area is the part that gets trimmed off during the finishing process to allow your design to “bleed” off or to the edge of the page. The minimum bleed required is .125” on all sides. Be sure that all imagery or colors that touch the edge of your piece extend .125″ past the page edge.

What resolution should my files and images be?

The higher the resolution the better the quality. The minimum resolution required for an image at its final printed size should be: 300 dpi/ppi at 100% size for items printed on presses and 150 dpi at 100% size for large format items (posters, wall murals etc.).

How do I get my artwork/files to Design and Printing Services?

Upload your files using the link in your sales order or by clicking the Files Upload button on the My Account Page.

Will I see a proof after I submit my files?

Yes, you will receive either an electronic or printed press proof for projects printed on the presses depending on your location, project location, and budget. Please check your proofs carefully as what you see is what will print. Press proofs are not provided for large format or envelope projects.

Can I supply my own paper?

No. Our digital presses and large-format printing equipment require special paper and large-format substrates. Design and Printing Services carries a wide variety of stock and can order specialty paper upon request.

How do I order business cards and letterhead?

Business card and other business items can be ordered from the products list in the left navigation.

Can I design my business cards?

No. To ensure clear and consistent presentation of our brand and each unit’s proper affiliation to the University, all units are required to use the University’s business card format. Business cards and other business items can be ordered online from Design and Printing Services.

How do I prepare a file for contour cutting?

Contact a project coordinator for detailed instructions.

What are the graphic dimensions for large and small pull up banners?

Large, floor pull up banner stand specifications:

  • Banner width: 35.5″ image area; 35.75″ including .125″ bleed on each side
  • Banner height: adjustable from 35″ to 92″ plus 6″ bottom bleed with standard pole
  • Footprint 37″ x 9″
  • Download a designer template

Table top pull up banner stand specifications:

  • File Size: 12” x 21.5” including .125″ bleed on all edges
  • Finished/trimmed size will be 11.75” x 21”
  • Keep all critical info and imagery within 10.75” x 20” (.5” on top and sides, 1” at bottom)

What materials are available for large format printing?

See our list of media choices or contact a project coordinator to discuss the best option for your project.

The goal is to brand up as much as possible and either use the WSU logo or the college logo. Department logos are approved but the logo will not show hierarchy of what college they belong to. Users will need to incorporate the appropriate college elsewhere on their material. Logos should only have a third line if the name of the college/department doesn’t fit on one line.

What formats are included in the logo packages?

All logos will be the horizontal orientation.

Print formats
CMYK, Pantone spot, grayscale, one color, reverse versions supplied in .eps and .pdf formats

Digital formats
Full color, grayscale, one color, reverse versions supplied as RGB .png and .svg formats

Where do I find more information on Washington State University's branding guidelines?

Further guidelines on logo usage can be found at the University Communications brand website.