Crimson Communique

HTML emails are formatted like web pages, using colors, graphics, and links. Crimson Communique, the email service provided by Design and Printing Services, can send HTML emails to one or more WSU Mailman lists or to a custom distribution list provided. Note: We are not able to provide email analytics; we recommend using Google Analytics to track this information.

STEP 1: Planning
Create an effective HTML email by answering the questions below.

  • What is the goal or call to action?
  • Who is the audience?
  • What is my budget?
  • Do I need a custom design or can I use a template?
  • Does the email need to match an existing campaign or specific brand?
  • When does this email send and does it resend on a later date?*

*Plan for 5-7 business days for design, proofing, and testing.

STEP 2: Preparing content and images
Save time and money by providing complete content that is ready for design.

  • Choose a template or request a custom HTML email created by our designers*.
  • Submit text in a Word document with links included.
  • Provide images and logos as separate files (tif, jpg, gif etc.). Please note in the Word document where you want them in relation to the text.

*Standard design costs apply.

STEP 3: Submit a request
When submitting your HTML email request, you will need to include the following information:

From—Whoever will be listed in the from line of the HTML email (name).

Reply email—If a recipient replies, which email address do you want those replies to go to?

Subject—The content you would like in the subject line of the HTML email (50 characters/spaces maximum).

Value statement—Typically a 3 to 5 word call to action that displays at the very top of the email.

Send date—Which day you wish your HTML email to go out.

Send list—Who do want to receive this email? Choose a WSU Mailman list(s), submit a custom list as an Excel file, or do a combination of both.

Opt out email address—Who the list member will need to email in order to unsubscribe (custom lists only).

Test Reviewer(s)—The person or persons who will receive and approve the HTML email test.

Distribution price list**

Mailman lists—1 send to 1 list or multiple lists: $110

Custom list—1 send to 1 list: $110

Mailman and custom lists—1 send to each: $110 each

Resend—(no change to email content): $36.33 each

Resend—going to both Mailman and custom lists: $36.33 each
** Does not include email design/creation costs.

Helpful tips
for reviewing HTML email proofs

  • When reviewing HTML email proofs, don’t forget to review on your mobile phone to make sure images and buttons are mobile friendly.
  • Double-check all links included in your HTML email to ensure they work correctly.
  • Some Outlook settings require the user to click a button to load the photos within an HTML email. If possible, include plain text design elements so these render as readable without depending on photos.
  • Check content and spelling in the email subject line.


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